Implementing blockchain payments with transaction fee sharing system.
About Us

BlockchainTech provides tools for complete and safe integration of blockchain payments to brick and mortar stores and webshops using Global Cryptocurrency – a fast and green cryptocurrency suitable for micropayments, equipped with an attractive transaction fee sharing system.


Global Cryptocurrency

Decentralized, green cryptocurrency developed for everyday use and micropayments. GCC has long-term energy efficiency of proof-of-stake minting and is already implemented as a payment method.


GCC Shopclub

Catalogue of shops that accept Global Cryptocurrency as payment method. Members who join can find and connect new shops that have approved GCC payments and earn 0,08% of every transaction fee from purchases made with GCC in the shops they connected.


GCC Web Wallet

A place where you can store your Global Cryptocurrency safely online. Receiving and sending GCC has never been more accessible. Get instant access to your funds by logging to your web wallet online from any device that allows web browsing – almost anywhere in the world. The evolution of payments starts here.


GCC Merchant

Dedicated Global Cryptocurrency (GCC) payment gateway. Integrate it with your business website and allow your customers to pay for your products and services with GCC – fast and safely. The GCC blockchain system allows great transparency of transactions. All you need is an account which will allow you to install Merchant GCC API to your existing system. All payments, verification and notification systems will be processed by GCC support.